Buy a property with no money

Choose a property, and we will buy it for you. Rent it while you save for the down payment and buy it back when you're ready.
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“How Leno makes lending possible?”
“Leno JSC raised another BGN 7 mln”
“Leno raised almost BGN 2 mln at a valuation of BGN 61 mln”
“The easiest way to buy your dream home”
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The easiest way to buy your dream home

  • We will immediately buy the property you want, paying 100% of the price
  • No banks, no loans, no commitments, no headaches

How it works

Apply online in seconds
We approve you for a budget
You choose your dream home
We buy it immediately
You move in and start saving
You buy it from us when you’re ready

Who is it good for?

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You don’t have sufficient savings

Saving 20% for the down payment of a home loan is difficult. Especially with property prices nowadays. With us, you can buy a property with no down payment.

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The banks reject your mortgage loan

If your finances are not perfect, you may not receive approval for a home loan. Thanks to us, you no longer need to give up your dream home.

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You hate paying rent

The renting life has its pros and cons. However, most people prefer to own a home. We make this possible for everyone.

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You need a trial period

Try living in the neighborhood, the building, or the apartment itself before committing to a 25+ year loan. Buy the property when you are ready or walk away.


Applying is completely free and takes 2 minutes. Don't worry if something is not perfect - we are used to it and we get it. We’ll give you an answer within 24 hours.
We currently approve properties only in large cities. View all properties 🏡 that have been put up for sale within your budget, after which our team will make a market assessment.
After we buy the property, we will sign a lease agreement for 3 years, which you can terminate at any time with notice. Of course, you can also buy the property when you are ready. 🤩
The service is provided by Leno Ventures Ltd, UIC 206082675.
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Buy a property with no money

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