Hacks to prevent identity theft

27 de septiembre de 2019
Hacks to prevent identity theft

Without a doubt, the world has changed. Online banking, media, important documents – almost all of our personal information is stored on our phones. As comfortable as that is, it definitely raises some questions – how safe are our data and personal information?  Here are a few easy steps you should follow in order to prevent identity theft.  

1. Change your passwords often  

You know the famous rule of not using the same password for all of your important accounts, right? Well, here is another one that you should follow. Even though it’s very easy to use the same password for years, it can easily lead to someone hacking your accounts. Changing your email password, per se, can often prevent unwanted situations. Create a habit of changing your passwords every 3 to 6 months.  2. Use only your own devices  Many people still think that we are in the 90s and you can use any computer that you find to login to your accounts. Be more suspicious and use only your devices: your mobile phone, your PC, your laptop. You could never be too sure about what safety issues might arise, so do not trust any other device, even your work computer.  

3. Mobile Applications  

Mobile Apps – the modern version of a Trojan Horse. This time much more advanced. Apps can have access to everything on your phone and that ironically happens with our full consent. Be careful what apps you download, look at their ratings, comments, etc. Most importantly, read the “Terms and Conditions” and always think twice before allowing full access to your media and files.  

4. Your e-mail  

Do not blindly open every e-mail you find in your inbox. Be suspicious of the authenticity of each e-mail and do not submit any information, download files or click any links before you are 100% sure who sent it and the exact purpose of it.  

5. Public Wi-Fi  

You should forget about using public, non-secured Wi-Fi. Signing to the wrong Wi-Fi or Bluetooth can hack your entire phone, beyond repair. If you are abroad and want to be online, find other ways like roaming or check local mobile plans. It might be a little costly, but it will definitely be a smaller price to pay compared to having your phone hacked.  

6. Keep track of everything  

Lastly, keep track of everything, including all of your payments and activities. You could do that digitally by installing (after reading the terms and conditions) a digital wallet. Thus, you will know where your money went and you will be sure if a certain payment was not authorized by you.

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