Several easy ways to earn additional funds in your free time

13 de mayo de 2019
Several easy ways to earn additional funds in your free time

Maybe the answer to your problem isn’t in cutting your costs, because sometimes this is just unrealistic. In such cases, the best thing you could do is find a second job. You don’t have to overwork yourself, because you can earn additional income from your hobby and the things you like to do. Here are 8 ideas of how to earn something extra in your free time:  

1. Give online lessons  

You could give online lessons for different subjects. There are a number of platforms where you could register and start as soon as you get familiar with the materials. For example, this way you could teach English to foreigners for 30 minutes every evening.  

2. Become a certified translator  

If you are good with languages you could register with a translation agency. The agency will help you register as a certified translator and then it will give you texts to translate. You could even ask to do translations only over the weekends.  

3. Become a copywriter  

If you are good with writing texts, you could become copywriters. This way you could write articles for different brands, blogs, products or services. You can become employed at a company or work independently. You can have the freedom to work whenever you want and as much as you want and your payments can be done on per word basis.  

4. Instagram marketing  

You have an Instagram profile with a significant amount of followers, then you could benefit from Instagram marketing to earn additional income. For this purpose you can contact different companies which work with the so-called “influencers” and give them different products to advertise for a certain fee.  

5. Build a blog  

There are different ways to earn money from blogging no matter if you want to write about traveling, cooking, fashion or make-up. Just like with Instagram marketing, companies can pay you to advertise products – directly or through affiliate marketing.  

6. Sell your unwanted things  

Everyone has clothes that he doesn’t wear or old electronics which he doesn’t use. There are different websites and apps where you can upload photos of the items you want to sell. You will be amazed at how easy it is to get rid of the things that only occupy space in your drawers.  

7. Become a freelancer  

There are different platforms you could use to make extra cash by completing different projects. These projects could be as easy as writing product descriptions, answer emails or write texts on a particular subject. These projects can also be more specific such as business cases, which are aimed at consultants, accountants or lawyers or more creative ones aimed at graphic designers or photographers. But no matter what your experience is, you can find plenty of work as a freelancer.  

8. Become a tour guide in your own city  

If you know a foreign language and love history then you could become a tour guide in your own city. These “free tours” are becoming increasingly popular around the world. More often people prefer to be taken around by locals who tell them more about the local culture. For example, you could organize a tour for a group of tourists and if they like it, a common practice is to tip the guide as much as they feel appropriate.

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