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Get an offer for your 🏡 property, sell it directly to Leno or borrow first and sell later.

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“How Leno makes lending possible?”
“Leno JSC raised another BGN 7 mln”
“Leno raised almost BGN 2 mln at a valuation of BGN 61 mln”
“The easiest way to buy your dream home”

Why Leno?

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Free, fair, and instant offer

We will send you an initial offer within a few hours, and will buy your property at a fair price. Get an offer and win €250.

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No agents, no ads, and no showings

We are not a real estate agency but an instant buyer. We will not place ads, do showings, or talk like agents.

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Higher price with a loan for repairs

A little refreshment usually raises the price of the property significantly. We will give you a loan for repairs to help you get a better price.

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More options with borrow first and sell later

If you are urgently selling your property only because you need the money, now there is a better solution - borrow from Leno and sell later.

How it works

Sell your property easy and stress-free.

Get an offer for your property in a few hours
Choose a sale, a loan, or both
Sign the documents and move on
processed loan applications

Every day, dozens of people with no access to bank financing apply for a mortgage loan from Leno. Today, they can sell their property directly to us.

Get an offer


The offer you will receive is completely free and comes with no obligations. To receive an offer, you simply need to answer a few questions about the property and its condition, which we will ask using the artificial intelligence of our charming colleague Ani. It can’t be any faster or more enjoyable. 😉
As a financial institution that provides mortgage-backed loans, we have in-depth knowledge of the liquidation value of real estate in Bulgaria. The homes we have valued are thousands, and the amount of loans provided exceeds €17.1 million.
Of course. This is one of our main advantages. If you are selling your home just because you urgently need money, borrowing and selling later could be the best option for you.
The company buying the properties is Leno Ventures Ltd, UIC 206082675. The lending is provided by Leno JSC - a financial institution registered with the Bulgarian National Bank (firm reference number BGR00341).
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Sell a property in hours

Get an offer and win €250.

Get an offer
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€250.00 🎁