Become a regional partner of Leno JSC

February 7, 2021
Become a regional partner of Leno JSC

As a leading financial institution in Bulgaria, Leno JSC has launched an initiative to give new opportunities to entrepreneurs interested in lending.    

Thus, if you want to work with non-bank lending, have the experience and potential clients, but no capital, registration with the BNB, a team, and others, then you should definitely become part of Leno JSC.

Profit 🤑    

Usually, lenders pay a certain fixed percentage to the partners who bring them clients (so-called credit consultants). For banks, this percentage is between 0.75% -1.5%, and for non-bank lenders more (for Leno it is 3-6%).

However, this model has the following disadvantages:

  • There are numerous conflicts of interest between the lender, consult and clients that create tension 
  • Thinking and planning are short-term, usually month by month
  • The consultant doesn’t participate in the development of new loan products
  • The lender gains (or loses) much more than the consultant

The initiative aims to improve this model by turning our partners (who we no longer call credit consultants) into "owners" of the portfolio, and their remuneration will depend mainly on its quality and annual profits.

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Goals 💪🏼

As a regional partner, you will create and manage your own loan portfolio under Leno's brand and requirements. Despite the regional distinction, you will be able to attract customers from all over the country. Here are some of the goals you should strive for in the first year:

  • € 1M loan portfolio in the seventh month, € 2M in the twelfth
  • € 200K, new loans per month, after the third month
  • Over 75% of the portfolio should be micro and small enterprises or merchants
  • Over 90% of the portfolio to be secured by liquid real estate
  • € 15K - € 50K average loan amount 

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More about Leno JSC 🚀

As an ambitious financial holding backed by Japanese investors, we believe that the financial system should work equally for everyone. That is why we create financial solutions for the people and the businesses that don’t have access to bank financing.

Leno in numbers:

  • 9+ years of lending experience
  • 28,000,000+ EUR in assets
  • 8,000,000+ EUR equity
  • Subsidiaries in 6 countries 

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Career as a credit advisor at Leno JSC

We've always tried to hire the best talent, which is why we strive to offer the best package to our credit advisors:

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Why you should become a credit intermediary for Leno?

Why you should become a credit intermediary for Leno?

At Leno, we believe that there will be a significant growth in credit intermediation, which is why we created a unique partnership program for credit intermediaries.

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