Do you really need this?

January 9, 2020
Do you really need this?

Yes, we do live in a world in which we are constantly being bombarded with advertisements about different products and services. With e-commerce corporations such as eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba, the process of shopping is easier than getting up from the couch. This behavior leads to making enough purchases to fill an entire house with products, most of which we hardly use or don’t even need.   Let’s take a look at what exactly an impulsive buyer is and how to avoid becoming a shopaholic.    

1. Still think you are not an impulsive buyer?  

So, you like shopping, big deal, right? Well, it actually is a big deal, especially when you reach the point where you can’t control it.  One of the main reasons for over shopping is that we tend to make excuses when we want to buy something, for example – you believe that you really, and we mean really, need it, deserve it, or “come on, it’s a holiday,”....the list goes on and on. Take this advice – you hardly ever need it – you want it. If you find yourself coming home every day with something new or waiting for a new delivery, the chances are that you are probably too caught up in shopping and you need to make some changes.    

2. Is it really worth it?  

This is the first question you need to ask yourself when shopping – “Is this purchase really worth it”? Of course, your salary is relevant; when you have a higher salary, you tend to go big with your purchases. But this shouldn’t confuse you! Buying too many things can hurt you too. However, here is an easy way to figure out if a purchase is worth it. Whenever you want to buy something, try to calculate the ratio between your hourly or daily wage and the purchase price. This may seem like common sense now, but you will be surprised to know that many people, including you sometimes, purchase things that they can’t afford. By following this practice, you will be able to visualize what a purchase is costing you.  

3. Your checking accounts  

If you have little trust in yourself when it comes to how much you spend, well then, we advise you to use this easy technique. Don’t keep too much money in your checking account, just what you need on a weekly basis. This way, even if you see something really tempting, you won’t be able to buy it immediately. And the chances are that if you need more time to execute a purchase, you might end up not going through with it at all.  

4. Don’t rush  

If you find it way too hard to avoid shopping, then the least you can do is learn not to rush. So, if you see something you want and that something is a little overpriced, then wait a while. Check other offers or compare this product produced by another company, try anything that might lower the price. This will help you reduce your shopping expenses and keep them in a frame you are comfortable with.

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