To keep your childhood, family home

July 30, 2021
To keep your childhood, family home

Gergana Vladislavova was born in Gorna Oryahovitsa. She has been happily married since 1997. She inherited the family home in which she now lives with her husband, and they can’t imagine living elsewhere.

They encounter their first financial difficulties while trying to do everything possible to help their son realize his dream of being a choreographer. To have a chance to succeed, he must live in the capital. The devoted parents do their best to help him. In the next moment, they find themselves with a loan that they have a difficult time paying, due to unfavorable conditions and high monthly installments, which cost them every last penny. 😑

"It's easy to trust Leno" – Gergana.

When she first learned about Leno, Gergana did not hesitate to contact the company and share her financial problems. After receiving an offer for refinancing with twice lower interest rate and installment, a pre-allocated amount to help her with the necessary documents, and a 90% cashback on the interest paid, she immediately realized that she had made the right choice.

Gergana does not hide her happiness, as they now have their funds freely, thanks to Leno. 🥳

"Even when geodetic surveying of the property was necessary, which we postponed for a long time, Leno organized the procedure, and the loan covered the amount. They were motivated to help us solve all our problems " – Gergana.

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