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Считано от 10.10.2020 г. Лено Маркетс ЕАД преустановява предлагането на услугата търговия на финансови пазари чрез платформа за търговия.

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Product Guide

Trading day start
The trading day opens at 00:00 GMT.
Trading day end
The trading day closes at 24:00 GMT.
Trading times
The trading time of each financial instrument is different and depends on the underlying asset of the instrument. Transactions with instruments can be executed only during their trading time. Information about the trading time can be found here or in the trading platform.
Minimum initial deposit Minimum initial deposit means the minimum amount to be credited to the client's account in order for the investment service contract to enter into force. The minimum initial deposit is 100 units of the client's account base currency e.g. EUR 100, USD 100 or GBP 100.
Depositing funds
Deposits are free of charge. Learn how to deposit funds to your account in the client profile.
Withdrawing funds
Up to 2 withdrawals in a calendar month are free of charge. A fee of EUR 40 (forty euros) is charged for each subsequent withdrawal. The fee is deducted from the account at the current exchange rate. Bank commissions for the money transfer are for the expense of the recipient.
Deposits and cash withdrawals
Cash operations are only carried out in the office of Leno Markets at a fee of 0.5% of the amount, with a minimum of 50 BGN. Deposits or cash withdrawals can be made only for amounts of less than BGN 10,000 or their equivalent in another currency.
Exchange fee
If a client deposits or withdraws funds from his account in a currency other than the base currency of that account, the client owes an exchange fee of 0.5% of the amount.
Minimum traded quantity
The minimum traded quantity means the minimum volume required for each transaction and it is different for each instrument. Information on the minimum traded quantity can be found here, or in the trading platform.
Financial fee (Swap)
A financial fee also called Swap, is the fee that Leno Markets pays or charges to keep a position open overnight. Leno Markets charges Swap for open positions at the end of the trading day. To keep a position open overnight on Wednesdays, triple Swap is charged.
Client funds' safekeeping fee
0.99% on annual basis, based on the value of the funds. The safekeeping fee is charged and deducted at the end of each calendar month. Customers categorized as professional clients do not owe a safekeeping fee.
Inactivity fee
If a client did not have any open positions and did not execute any transactions in the last calendar month, Leno Markets charges an inactivity fee. The fee is deducted from the client's account on the 1st day of the month following the month of inactivity. The inactivity fee is 25 units of the client's account base currency and is charged multiple times for each calendar month in which there was no activity on the client's account.

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